When you need to repair a crack in a concrete structure — such as a foundation or wall — from the inside (negative side) of the structure, there are typically two injection techniques and corresponding product technologies that you need to consider — epoxy resin injection and polyurethane chemical grout injection.

Epoxy injection is typically performed on dry substrates versus polyurethane injection that works very well on wet and actively leaking substrates. Epoxy injection is the preferred method where structural crack repair is desired.

Polyurethane injection is performed to seal active leaks, prevent moisture migration, and protect structures from corrosion and water-related decay. Polyurethane injection technology is superior in most wet and actively leaking environments.


durable and resistant

Epoxy flooring is also very strong and resistant to wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. Epoxy coating can withstand the constant flow of transport vehicles, heavy machinery, and forklifts, as well as foot traffic from customers and workers.

Fast Application

Another benefit of epoxy flooring is that it’s relatively quick and easy to install. This means that you won’t need to shut down your business or stall production for long, saving you time and money. Ultrasyntec can also work out of hours to minimise disruption for your business.

Environmentally Friendly

As well as being an ideal option for your business and your workers, epoxy coating is good for the environment in several ways.The manufacturing process of epoxy coating is minimal, and the materials used are free from harmful substances. 

GLIMPSE OF  epoxy and pu injection system